Why Branding and Marketing is So Important – with Award Winning Speaker, Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert, Dr. Nido Qubein

At a recent JT FOXX MEGA SUCCESS event, we caught up with Dr. Nido Qubein and had the opportunity to talk with him about why he thought branding and marketing are so important in the competitive digital market of today. Dr. Nido Qubein is a well-known and highly regarded name in the fields of motivational coaching, personal branding, marketing, education, as well as entrepreneurship. He is a recipient of numerous prestigious distinctions including induction into the International Speaker Hall of Fame. Aside from his professional speaking and consulting engagements, he is currently serving as President of High Point University, is Executive Chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company and also serves as a board member on several high profile national organizations.  Watch the video here:

QUESTION to Dr. Nido Qubein: Our clients come to us because they wanted to grow their business and reach more people online. So, you, are undeniably one of the most recognizable brand in the space of personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. Would you share with us why do you think in today’s’ very competitive digital world, are marketing and branding so important?

ANSWER: You know what? It’s all about one thing. It’s relevance. So, if you can identify the relevance that you bring forth to your clients, to the stage and into the environments in which you work; and if you can translate that relevance in a meaningful way, in a purposeful way, in a useful way; people will always exchange their legal tender for that relevance. I’ve survived on a platform for, well, more than 40 years. You will be hard-pressed to find many people who started speaking when I started speaking, or are still very actively speaking. I’m very, very, busy and I command very high fees to speak, and the only reason for that, is not necessarily skill. It’s relevance. It’s talking about messages and subjects that people value.

Now, marketing is the function that translates the usefulness and relevance of what you do to other people. I’m a huge disciple of marketing. We invest a tremendous amount of resources at High Point University in marketing. Marketing is like one hand. You have merchandising, selling, promotion, publicity, advertising; all of those come under the umbrella called marketing. So marketing is…is; you market or you die in a very competitive world. It’s not a choice, you have to do it.

What This Means for You

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