Coaching Testimonial 

I wholeheartedly believe in the programs Lusea offers. It’s clear that she knows what she is doing. She is grounded, clear and specific. Lusea has an amazing ability to ask the most specific and clarifying questions to help me clear my cluttered mind and focus on my most important goals as well as the big picture. The way she cares for her client is wonderful ! I truly feel taken care of by her attention, in the most loving and non-intrusive way. (it’s quite rare to feel this special connection in today’s disconnected world.) I feel deeply respected and honored by Lusea because she really gets my big vision and sees my highest potential as a soulful entrepreneurs who wants to serve my mission. She understand the work of energy and speaks to my heart and soul directly. Her coaching provides me the possibility for myself and my business to grow. She brings spirituality to business, so it doesn’t feel so cold and frightening. With her help I can finally believe that I have something valuable to give and my work is important. I know with Lusea’s help, I can go to the next level in a short time. Thank you, Lusea. You are a gift!


If there are things you want to achieve in life, do yourself a big favour and have a coach who will guide you. And if you really want to be guided through the process with tender loving care as well as no BS honesty, work with Lusea Lu. Why? Because she is the real deal!

Lusea is a wonderful facilitator and she gets you result. She starts by setting clear goals, and she really tunes into your need and provide customized solutions. From the get go I felt I was in very capable hands. She is gentle and tough at the same time. The bottom line is, she truly cares. If you are a dabbler, don’t work with Lusea. She can be really blunt. (which is what I love about her!) However, if you are serious about succeeding in business and in life, she is your gal! I highly recommend working with her.


Lusea is an amazing guide. She is the perfect mentor for defining the path to success. Lusea helps people get unstuck and figure out where they are, where they want to go and HOW to get there. I know I can trust Lusea to guide me STEP-BY-STEP to achieve my big goals, which is phenomenal because I need someone to ask me the right questions and bring structure to my work. I am a martial artist, numerologist, energy healer, empowerment coach and private mentor all in one. As a Soulopreneur whose work is dedicated to empowering people to step into their full power, It’s important that my coach really gets me and give me the space to expand. Lusea does that! She is simply a joy and inspiration to be around. When I talk to Lusea, I feel stretched and expanded while feeling safe and protected by her sensitive and caring presence. Her passion is infectious so is her fun and playful nature. I love that I didn’t feel stressed at all when we were discussing moving forward into a larger arena. Lusea provided me with both STRUCTURE and FREEDOM to express myself and get things done. She helps me get out of overwhelm and my head bubble. She provides me greater clarity on the bigger vision for my business, as well as the small steps I need to take to get there. More important, she helps me understand my fears and how I was standing in my own way. Once I have clarity and I am making progress, I become unstoppable rather than fearful. I feel inspired to take action and supported for a bigger game! I am confident that if you are ready to take your business to the next level, Lusea can do the same for you! Thank you, Lusea!


I love that Lusea and her team has a clear and efficient Framework that directly relate to the challenges of starting and running an effective expert business. Having these frameworks put into a simple and visual model made the concepts very digestible, clear, and actionable. Lusea has an amazing ability and talent to tap into my needs and help me organized my chaotic mind to bring clarity and direction. This took me from a place of overwhelm with all the things in my mind that I *could or should* do, to a simple condensed method of action. It eliminated a lot of waste and gave me a specific path that I trust will be effective for me. As someone who always seeks to deliver value to those I serve, being mentored by Lusea provides me with a very rich experience and really solidified my learning about what it takes to provide Real Value, which to me is Tangible Transformation.

With Lusea’s mentoring, I experienced first hand so many of the theories and concepts I learned about teaching and mentoring others. Lusea showed me a LIVE demonstration of what great coaching and transformation really FEEL and LOOK like. She gave me a true demonstration of going the extra mile, and then perhaps going several miles more. It inspires me because the Quality, the Quantity, and the Spirit of Service were all so incredibly high. (Napoleon Hill Concept: QQS Formula) This is something I strive to build into my life everyday. Having a real interaction with a role model who possesses these qualities is a million times more valuable than reading about them in a book.

Lusea, I truly appreciate all the time you spent with me, and I hope for the future that we can work together again. I appreciate distinctly the accountability and the values you hold me to (and the rest of the world, and obviously yourself) because the values are so good and so decent that to strive to fit within them would ultimately and inevitably lead to positive change and whole-hearted character. It’s beautiful to see another soul in the world focused on expanding this way of thinking and this way of being. I feel blessed to have known you!


1. What was the biggest gift you’ve gained from Lusea mentoring?

Lusea has the ability to see my greatest gifts and skills where I could not see them myself. She helped me believe in myself and continue to take massive steps forward, where I normally would have given up because of fear and feeling plain stuck. I achieved more results in one month with Lusea’s help and coaching and guidance than in an entire year (of struggling) on my own.

2. What do you appreciate the most about Lusea’s skills and expertise?

I am in LOVE with Lusea’s sharp and clever mind! She is so to the point and tells you exactly as it is and what she believes are the right steps to take in order to create long-lasting success with your business. Everything she suggested to me, even though I felt hesitant at times, in the end turned out to be the best action steps I could have ever taken.

Lusea is an amazing listener and she has the ability to find where the gold in her clients is in no time. She really cares about her clients and takes their success very personally. She doesn’t settle for less than amazing, life changing results. I sometimes felt like she was the owner of my business, that’s how much passion and heart she put in our working together!

3. Specifically how has Lusea helped you gain clarity & confidence in growing your business?

Lusea helped me get crystal clear on the type of client that’s a great fit for me and that I want to work with. She also helped me craft a marketing and sales message that felt like ‘authentically me’ instead of feeling sleazy and salesy. Thanks to Lusea I now know the value and importance of a well thought out sales and product funnel, and how to create them. Plus, her continuous support and belief in me motivated me to pull through and never give up, even when times are rough.

4. How do you think others will benefit from working with Lusea?

If you’re looking for a business coach who knows her stuff, discovers the gold in you and your business where you can’t see it for yourself, Lusea is your gal! You’ll find the steps you have been dreading to take for months or even years, become totally enjoyable when Lusea takes your through them. You’ll feel so taken care of, you’ll have more fun than ever working on your business and I know your business will thrive in ways you didn’t think possible.

5. Why would you recommend others to work with Lusea?

Because she truly is one of a kind. Also, in a time where most online programs offer minimum personal coaching and one to one guidance, Lusea is the exception to the rule. She’ll take you by the hand and doesn’t stop before you’ve taken your business to the next level.