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The Power of Mass Media Press Release to Skyrocket Your Authority and Why You Should Use It Too

When it comes to content, most marketing experts use a blend of different strategies to create the most effective promotional campaigns. A mass media press release is one such unique strategy. A traditional mass media press release, also known simply as a press release or news release is an official statement released to the media most commonly to announce important company events and updates such as:

  • Company or Product launches
  • Technological advancements
  • Rebranding
  • Executive Hires
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Engagement at or hosting of events
  • Awards and Celebrity Endorsements
  • Any other type of newsworthy content

Here are some of the ways the usage of a press release can skyrocket your authority and why you should use it too as part of your digital marketing strategy:


A well-written press release attracts positive media coverage placing you in front of a much wider and more diversified audience. Once a story has been picked up by one media outlet, the possibilities of it being picked up by other outlets increases substantially, giving you the power of incremental and almost instantaneous exposure. Exposure is vital to building brand authority as the level, quality and frequency of exposure can determine to what degree your company stays relevant in the marketplace.

A Bigger Bang for Your Buck

For entrepreneurs or businesses on a budget, a press release is one of many tools that can give you leverage in terms of audience penetration in a much more affordable manner. Many companies have in-house PR divisions to manage the creation and distribution of press releases. However, if you’re just starting out or need expertise, our marketing strategists at MyExperts.Solutions can help you develop the right type of campaigns most suited to your business goals. While a good press release is an effective sales strategy in itself, the ROI (Return on Investment) is ultimately only as good as how the press release is managed and distributed.

Credibility versus Sales

Nothing builds credibility the way positive media attention does. Press releases highlight the unique selling propositions of your brand, products, and services. They also serve to position your company as an industry expert or thought leader. Prospective clients are more likely to trust and buy from an organization that has an effectively managed media presence. Press releases bring an increased flow of hungry traffic to your doorstep, eager and ready to lap up your offerings. The step-up in terms of revenue can be phenomenal with the usage of a well-written press release in combination with an overall digital marketing strategy specific to your business.


Press releases are also an excellent way to build networks with the people that count. Having a press release strategy means that you are able to create long-standing relationships with media personnel and generate additional interest from potential investors, stakeholders or business partners.

Overall, a press release is a quick win strategy to boost your presence in the market by skyrocketing your authority and creating win-win solutions in terms of both visibility as well as profit margins.